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長岡ゆり Yuri Nagaoka-Dance Medium

舞踏家長岡ゆりとDance Mediumの活動紹介

Dance Medium Thursday Butoh workshop

by Yuri Nagaoka and Seisaku



8/11,18,25 (Thursday)




Place: Tohbu Kumin Katsudoh center 3F Japanese room (2-18-21 Chuoh Nakanoku Tokyo)



不明な点は、[email protected]までお問い合わせください。



Smoke is coming up from the back

Check the Facebook page: Dance Medium Butoh Workshop -舞踏ワークショップ


Dance Medium Butoh Workshop

Schedule in August and September

 August 11,18,25 (Thursday)

Time: 19:00~21:45

September 1,8,22,29

Place:Nakano Momozono kuminn katsudoh center 2F Japanese room (4-57-1 Chuoh Nakanoku Tokyo)

September 15

Place:Tohbu Kumin Katsudoh center 3F Japanese room (2-18-21 Chuoh Nakanoku Tokyo )

Fee: 2500 jpy

If you need, we will meet at the station. Please email me.

[email protected]

Yuri Nagaoka


Butoh workshop by Yuri and Seisaku

Yuri has been interested in different body work and practiced such as Ballet, Yoga, Noguchi Gymnastic, Noguchi Seitai, Taichi, Karate, etc.. those practices are helpful to prepare the body to be neutral and energetic. The first part of this workshop, she teaches her personal physical practice inspired by those body work including ideas of Butoh philosophy.

Contents: hanging body with no weight, movement by using invisible thread, movement by images of light and darkness, release and tension, how to feel the distance..etc

The second part is taught by Seisaku. He learned Butoh under Tatsumi Hijikata and Yohko Ashikawa. He developed the Butoh method originally with keeping the most important essence.

He has many interesting methods how to make the body empty. You will find the possibility that you can be anything you want if you could be empty.

Contents: walking, look and be looked at, insect eating, animal, smoke, plants, ghost, flower, light and darkness, face expression, wall of the mud….etc

We believe everyone can enjoy with us.


Photos from the workshop「Light and darkness」「Light and shadow」